Guide to Writing a Brilliant Who Am I Essay

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Essay writing is a challenging and exciting activity that assists students in developing writing skills like reflective, analytical, and creative thinking skills. When tasked with writing the who am I essay, students made it to understand the elements required before they sit down to write the paper. Teachers will provide instructions that will dictate such an approach is that students should follow or take when engaging with these academic texts. Therefore, writers can use the philosophical, narrative, autobiographical, or college application approaches when writing such a paper. Who am I essay needs to reflect the language of the first person because it requires students to tell the audience about their lives for themselves. Nevertheless, Therefore, students who struggle with essay writing, can order paid help online at and leave struggles behind.

The difference between other papers and who am I essay

Most papers that ask students to say something about themselves are different from the normal formal ones. One central point of the difference is that the writers need to use the first-person point of language, which is easily discouraged in various legal writing. Here are some quite notable differences.

Narrative format

It involves a writer focusing on providing their audience with an example of a life story. The story can take several forms, which includes family or personal experiences. When you write a who am I essay in a narrative format, it will utilize personal anecdotes to communicate. Most writing strategies, such as an essay, are to adopt showing and not telling, which means that you will need to be worried about your descriptions instead of giving informative statements. When you’re writing a narrative essay on a who am I essay example topic, you need to focus on the writer’s personal experiences, allowing the audience to understand the author well.

Philosophical format

When someone mentions philosophy, one thing that brings to our mind is the discipline which focuses on showing some mysteries of nature and life. Philosophical writing involves students engaging with their audiences in a particular topic of discovery. One, therefore, can argue that it is a type of informative essay. Write us that rely on using the philosophical approach we Focus more on telling their audiences about themselves all the things that enhance the understanding of the Human Nature. Therefore, the content of the essay should not dwell on the background of the writer or the personal experiences, but it should stay on the author’s identity in line with human nature and the strengths or weaknesses of the Same. Grading will dwell on the writer’s application of philosophical lenses in describing themselves. One great example would be to unravel whatever makes them weak, vulnerable, or firm.

College application format

University or college application involves an essay that students submit to the committee or admissions board of an institution of their choice. An article denoting who am I creative writing essay will try to convince or persuade the committee or board that the applicants have got everything required to become a student. Learners will therefore need to provide critical details which will most likely push forward their courses. Search text would require academic performance, work experiences, personal attributes, or future attributes. Therefore, the who am I essay ideas in a college application format should inform the readers of all things that make writers outlandish or appropriate students to be accepted in a higher learning institution. The only thing that matters in grading is checking whether students have made an excellent case to the board or committee indicating why they are the best admission candidates.

Autobiographical format

An autobiography entails a life story that captures the life of a subject. It is so hard to write the life story of a given individual, but most writers tend to focus on the most relevant elements. Suppose you have the task to write an autobiography on the who am I essay topic. In that case, the expectation is to provide details about the subject that assist the readers in understanding them even much better. Examples of more information that you may choose to include are academic credentials, demographic background, family lineage, professional accomplishments, among other things. You may also choose to include the marital status or the philosophy of the subject. When it comes to grading, one thing that matters is whether the writers have provided a picture of their life or who they are from childhood to the present.

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