Fundamental Subtleties of a College Application Essay

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Writing a college application essay shouldn’t stress you so much because it is already in you. You only need to bring it out. You shouldn’t write what you think people want to hear or read. You should write about yourself, keeping in mind that the application essay is part of the admission. You may think something is irrelevant, but you never know; that will be the thing that makes you different from the rest.

Tips for writing college application essay

The college application essay matters a lot. The paper gives you a chance to impress the admissions team. Especially those who might be doubting your application. Here that you are allowed to show your creativity and also tell your experiences.

He says that they receive applications that are approximately 54,000 in number from students in the high school category year in year out. Despite this large number, he says that the essays can never be the same. Everyone is different on his/her way. There exists no perfect essay, but then there are some stoppable mistakes and effective tips that students need to observe to make their pieces stand out.

He also points out that such an essay is essential to make them understand the applicant’s life and the story of their lives. “Most of the stories are unique, and you may not pick them elsewhere except in this applications.” He says.

Tips for writing a good college application essay

  1. Go through the personal statement you write

Proofread your work before submission. Spell check your essay and have a trustworthy someone to go through your work. You will be able to note the small mistakes even better. Admission officers take grammatical errors very seriously compared to punctuation mistakes. The admission officers are not English majors, but your college application essay must have appropriate grammar.

  1. Work on the prompt

In most cases, you have liberty to handle multiple prompts. Addressing a preferable topic is better because it gives you a chance to expand your application. When proofreading your essay, make sure to be aware of the prompt.

When you are asked a question, don’t go around the bush; answer the question directly. Get to know what the admission officers want to find out and utilize it to tell your story. Make sure anybody reading your essay understand what you want to say.

After writing your essay, give it to someone who has no idea about the prompt and let them alert you if the paper had addressed the prompt in the best way possible. You will be surprised because, with that answer, you will know what effect your essay has and whether or not you have responded to the question.

  1. Engage your reader from the beginning

Keep in mind that the admission officers go through lots of essays, make sure that your introduction is as engaging as possible. So your warm-up should be dynamic hence giving the committee a nice view of the personality you possess. Don’t stress yourself. Make sure that your academic history and personal narrative fits into institution profile.

  1. Avoid forwarding the same essay to the various schools

If you are making application to different schools, you should not copy and paste. For every school, at least proofread, edit then send it. Unknowingly you may address a school then send it to a different school. Watch these mistakes while writing your essays.

  1. Submit a complete essay

Avoid such mistakes. Submit your work that is complete. When you commit such sloppy mistakes, it automatically changes how schools perceive you. Make sure you copy the whole essay into the application.

  1. How to begin a college admission essay

When writing your essay, know that this is an opportunity to show who you can become at a university. Know that they admit students who are passionate, creative, driven, and gritty.


When you go for the interview, they may or may not ask you to tell them about you. So the essay is the best opportunity to express yourself. Whether it is about your love of Papa John’s pizza, like Carolina Williams` essay back in 2017, or the love for your family, add a personal touch to your essay. I’m not saying the article is unimportant, but it doesn’t mean you should stress so much about it because it’s rarely a decisive factor. It is one of the components of the admission essays.

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