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What's your love note to New Orleans?

Tell us a moment or time in your life that describes your love affair with New Orleans.

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1,833 lives were lost in Hurricane Katrina & over 25,000 more sought shelter in the Superdome.

30,000-40,000 New Orleanians will need help evacuating before the next major hurricane.

Evacuspot sculptures mark the places in New Orleans where people without transportation can access a new, free public-option evacuation plan called “City Assisted Evacuation.”

Lighting the Evacuspot sculptures will increase their visibility and raise awareness of this life-saving plan, helping ensure that no New Orleanian is left behind again.

Other Ways To Get Involved
Host a dinner party
There is no line separating family from friends in New Orleans. Connections made in this city hold deep meaning and lasting significance. Host a private evening of storytelling with your favorite New Orleanians. You’ll share your moments of connection - with your community and with your city - and raise additional funds for Love, Write, Light in the process. It will be an evening you'll never forget.

For more information, please contact Love, Write, Light Project Manager, Maggie Sowell.

Unable to contribute toward lighting? Donate your time to become part of an elite group of trained volunteers and help 40,000 New Orleanians evacuate safely before the next major hurricane.

Sign up to become an Evacuteer today!