How a Science Essay on Light Should Look Like

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Are you struggling to write a science essay? Would you like to improve the way you write your science essays? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall look at an essay on light that will bring out the main aspects of a science essay. We shall examine how we define light and how it functions. The information that we are going to cover can help you boost your science writing skills immensely. Therefore, if you are facing any trouble in this area, then this is an article that you would not want to miss out on.

Most people overlook light and do not know a lot about it. It is a fun fact as we interact with sunshine every day. However, the real issues come when you are instructed to write an essay on light. Most students end up blank with nothing on their minds to write on this topic, not even the definition. However, all that is about to change as today we shall go through light in-depth.

What is Light

The sun provides our planet with light. The distance between the sun and earth is about 93 miles (149 million kilometers); therefore, the journey is pretty huge. Light moves through this distance at a whooping sped of up to 300,000 kilometers (186 miles) per second. Hence, the light you came into contact with probably took off about 8 minutes ago from the sun.  But what is the purpose of this whole journey?

The sun can disperse energy in many different directions. Light is just one of those energy radiations that the eyes we possess detect and react to. For light to move, for example, from a regular flashlight to a dark spot on your house, energy is used. Energy kind of moves between the two points, from the torch to the dark area.

The energy transmission takes a wave form. The waves are, however, pretty small such that the normal eye cannot see. It can be defined as a pattern of vibration and magnetism, they are known as electromagnetic energy. Therefore, if we could see magnetism and electricity by chance, we could see every light ray as a vibrating electric wave. Each electric wave moves in a single direction, but the magnetic vibrations waves move in a right-angled manner. The two waves described above can easily move instep at an incredible speed.

The behavior of Light

The behavior of light can be narrowed down to four ways:

  • Reflection. It can be defined as the act of light bouncing from objects into human eyes. It is the reason why we see items that surround us. Most object are not good at reflecting light they hence disperse the light evenly. However, shiny objects such as glasses demonstrate reflection incredibly.
  • Refraction. It is the bending of light as it moves through a denser material, for example, glass.
  • Diffraction. If you pass light through a small opening, equal to lights wavelength, it tends to spread out; this is diffraction.
  • Interference. When two light waves meet up, they react to each other. They might merge to form a bigger wave, or they might cancel out.


Light is a pretty incredible mystery that is fun to learn. We hope this article has helped you identify the basics of an essay on science.

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